Does your business sometimes feel chaotic & stressful?

It's time for a productivity glow up with your shiny new team hub!

Are you experiencing decision overwhelm or getting distracted by a constant stream of queries from your virtual assistant? 

Do you resent wasting precious time trying to track down lost spreadsheets, documents and graphics?

Do you find yourself doing mundane repetitive tasks in your business because it feels easier than explaining to a team member how to do it?

Ever get the sneaky suspicion that you might not be using your team to your full advantage?

Or maybe you're still putting off hiring a virtual assistant because you're embarrassed that the back end of your business is currently a bit of a shambles? Yep, I've been there.


The Team Hub Template for Notion
Work smarter, not harder!
Get super organised and laser focused using this Team Hub Notion template that will help you and your virtual assistant or wider team work more efficiently together.

Just fill in the blanks to effortlessly create your team HQ and streamline your business.

Start getting more bang for your buck by elevating your team member's productivity levels!

Oh hey, I'm Leanne!

I created the team hub when I was planning my maternity leave. I desperately wanted to switch off as much as possible and I knew the key was to shield myself from too many queries from my (fairly new) virtual assistant. 

So it was time to get my digital ducks in a row

So I started to create my team HQ - a central location where my assistant could find everything she could possible need to run my business without much input from me. 

It included everything from my business policies and customer service reply templates to instructions for how to pitch and set up collaborations on my behalf to grow my business in my absence!

Not only did it make working together as a team a total breeze but I was also billed for fewer hours as my virtual assistant found the hub allowed her to be more efficient and self-sufficient. 

So now I am sharing my team hub so that you too can boost your team productivity, reduce stress levels and get more bang for your buck when you outsource! 

Notion Templates included inside the Team Hub...

One central location with all your team updates, important links, shortcuts and SOP's in one convenient location. 


Fill-the-blanks to generate a useful onboarding document for new team members 


Outline your expectations for each role within your team - handy for onboarding new team members


Help your VA to become self-sufficient with access to your business policies so they can shield you from the inbox 


Help your team to direct tech queries to the appropriate support team and shield yourself from tech issues


Create customer service reply templates to maximise your VA's efficiency and keep your responses on brand. 


Support your team with community rules, team tasks and instructions for what to do when rules are ignored.  


Keep your logos, fonts, brand colours and social media templates in one place to maximise team efficiency


Everything your team needs to pitch, set up & track all collabs inc giveaways, summits & podcast interviews.


Keep your team up to date with all your planned promotions using this promo calendar


Keep track of team members planned leave and plan your own time off with to-do lists and scheduled promos 


Help your team spread your affiliate links far and wide with a link library inc descriptions, images & bonuses


Keep all your product images, descriptions, links and prices in one place for quick access 


Create quick links to all your long form content from blog posts to podcast episodes, freebies and youtube videos


Make sure your team tackle your priorities first with these planners for recurring tasks and another for projects 

Want a peak behind-the-scenes? Watch this walkthrough video where I show you around...
Imagine if...
  • Your onboarding process was so slick that introducing new team members to your business felt like a breeze... (No more feeling embarrassed by your 'behind-the-scenes!)

  • You can book that holiday knowing your team have everything they need to allow you to take a step back & enjoy some poolside cocktails!

  • Your virtual assistant has everything they need to work autonomously - leaving you to work distraction free!

  • Your VA manages to tick more jobs off your to-do list despite you being billed for the same hours = you get more bang for your buck!

  • You can hand off those repetitive, mundane tasks you hate doing  because you have clear systems to make it easy for someone to do them on your behalf!

New to Notion?

It's a free, easy-to-use project management tool that can work seamlessly alongside other tools like Airtable or Google Drive. You can create documents, databases, calendars & more all in one place. Each page can be linked making it the perfect tool to create a business team hub! There's even a free app you can use on the go!
Yours today for just $97
You've got questions, I've got answers...
  • Why Notion?
    I've yet to find a perfect 'unicorn tool' to manage every single part of your business. Airtable is great for automations and forms, Google Drive is great for storing images, Google Docs is handy for creating documents. 

    But what Notion does is to pull everything together.

    You might still want to host databases on Airtable or keep your brand photos in a file on Google Docs but you need a way to find those quickly without browsing through lists of folders or spreadsheets. 

    This Notion Hub stores a lot of information your team or virtual assistant will need to work with you but where it makes more sense to use another tool, you can link out to it so you can access it instantly. Bookmark this hub in your bookmarks and you can access anything you need to run your business efficiently in a single click. 

    Notion is also brilliant for creating documents and simple calendars and spreadsheets so you'll be able to house a lot of the basics within Notion. 

    It's a really simple tool to use without a steep learning curve. It's also free!
  • I'm new to Notion - will that be an issue?
    Don't worry! Notion is very easy to use. There's no steep learning curve. And I've even included some tutorials showing you how to do things like copy and paste sections if you need more than are included or how to edit your calendar entries.

    I'm convinced you will love using Notion with your team!
  • Is Notion free to use?!
    Yep, Notion is free to use. There is a pro version with more fancy features but most people will find the free version is all they need. If you have a very large team, you may need to upgrade to be able to invite all your team members to participate.
  • I'm a VA, can I use this for multiple clients?
    This is currently only available for your personal use only. If you would like to use it for multiple clients, please let me know as I would consider creating a commercial use option for this.
  • Is there an app to use on the go?
    Yes - there is a free app you can download and it is VERY useful for updating things on the go.
  • I use Airtable/Monday/Trello/Google Sheets - is this still useful for me?
    Yes! Personally I am an Airtable girl - I love all the fancy-pants automations! But what Notion does is to bring everything together. I link out to my Airtable bases from the team hub so that everyone can access our most important databases at the click of a button. There are also times when I need to create a document that I can't do with Airtable. Notion fills all the gaps and allows me to access the other tools I find useful so much faster
  • Will the team hub be time consuming to create?
    There will of course be some work involved, but I have created this to be a fill-in-the-blanks style template. This should speed up the process of building your team hub.

    You will however save a lot of time in the long run as you wont be re-writing the same content over and over.
  • Do you include templates for customer service responses or done for your SOPs?
    No, there is a template included for you to create your own but each business is different and therefore you will need to fill these templates with your own responses.

    If you struggle to write customer service responses then I recommend these templates written for awkward scenarios: (aflink)
  • How is this different from any other business organisation tool?
    This isn't the first Notion business template to be sold! But what makes it unique is that it is designed specifically for working alongside a virtual assistant or a team. It's also jam packed with fill-the-blank templates to help you rapidly create the documents that your team needs for maximum productivity.

    The goal is to help your team work more efficiently together and to allow your assistant to become more self-sufficient to free you up to focus on other areas of your business - or take more time off.

    The more efficient your systems are, the fewer hours your assistants will bill you for - or the more work you'll get for the same cost! So this template should actually save you money in the long run!
  • Do you have an affiliate program?
    Yes, you can earn 30% with a 6 month cookie. There will be a link to join once you get inside so you can get started straight away and earn back your investment asap!
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Due to the digital nature of this product, I cannot offer refunds. But if you have questions about it before purchasing, feel free to reach out and ask me.
Laura Dunn
Virtual Assistant

"Leanne has put together everything you need to give your VA a leg up! An easy way to put together a comprehensive and impressive guide to your business. Basically the next best thing to duplicating yourself!"

Angela Wood
Virtual Assistant

"Being completely new to the VA World, Leanne's Team Hub has been incredibly useful for me personally (and undoubtedly herself too.) I have been able to hit the ground running with reduced input from Leanne enabling her to focus on the growth and creative side of her business."

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