Do you wish you could make a full-time passive income with your online business without being glued to your laptop 24/7?

Imagine hearing the constant pinging of Paypal notifications whilst you are out food shopping, walking the dog or meeting friends for coffee…  

Imagine knowing that your business is still making money even when you're having a well deserved lie in or you're taking a well deserved trip away...

Imagine watching your business grow and thrive whilst working less...

If you are an online business owner who is ready to work smarter, NOT harder then let me introduce you to…

A bundle of 6 courses designed to help you build a sustainable business that rewards you with better work-life balance
Are you ready to make 2024 your most profitable (and lazy) year yet?!

Only available until 29th November 2023

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It's time to get your passive income ducks in a row...

Are you an online business owner feeling drained by a constant stream of 1-on-1 service or coaching clients or brand collaborations? 

Or maybe you are a course creator whose feeling exhausted running from launch to launch?

Your need more money to pay the bills and enjoy the occasional luxury but that means working longer hours, launching more products or taking on more clients and you know that means risking burn out.  

Instead you want to find a more sustainable way to diversify your income streams without being at the mercy of your laptop... 

You know you need to add more passive income streams into your business but where do you even start?! 

I want to share with you the affiliate marketing, email marketing and digital product strategies I used to scale my business to 6 figures in 2 years. 

I want to teach you to work smarter not harder and to create profitable, sustainable systems inside your business that do the heavy lifting for you! 

What do you need for passive income success?
Attracting Leads

Learn how to reach and attract your ideal customers into your world with SEO and list growth strategies that you can set & forget.

Nurturing your Audience 

People buy from brands they know, like and trust.  Learn how to set up nurture funnels that build relationships with your readers whilst you nap.

Sales on Autopilot

Constantly launching new products or hustling for 1-to-1 clients in the DMs gets exhausting. Instead, automate your income with affiliate & digital product funnels. 

Inside this special Black Friday Bundle you will get... 
Affiliate Marketing Superstars
(usually $397)

An in-depth course delivered in both audio and written format teaching you how to make passive income by selling other peoples products and services. 

Where most courses teaching affiliate marketing stop at writing affiliate focussed blogs posts, this course takes a deep dive into every type of affiliate marketing strategy from purchase-intent blog posts to email funnels and social media strategies, many of which are set and forget!

I'll show you the exact strategies that I used to...

Earn $5K affiliate revenue with a travel blog that gets 40K views

Regularly earn 4 figures with a single affiliate email campaign  Successfully monetise both a B2C blog and a B2B online business exclusively with passive income streams and without relying on social media or ads 

Frequently feature on affiliate leaderboards during campaigns for the likes of Ultimate Bundles, Elizabeth Goddard and the BC Stack

Email Marketing Superstars 
(usually $597)

Most email marketing courses are taught by copywriters but I am a passive income strategist which gives me a unique take on email marketing! Not only will I teach you how to grow your email list FAST and write GREAT emails, I'll also teach you how to monetise your emails with zero ick and then automate 80% so you can regain some work-life balance! 

Learn how to create irresistible freebies that will attract your perfect-fit subscribers and grow your email list on autopilot

Learn strategies for a rapid email growth spurt such as running challenges or collaborating with other online business owners.

Learn how to create set-and-forget nurture funnels that help your future customers come to know, like and trust you enough to spend money with you. 

Learn how to write newsletters so good that your readers eagerly anticipate seeing your name in their inbox. 

Learn how to automate affiliate and sales funnels so that you earn money in your sleep

Your email list will become your most valuable business asset - let me show you how!

The Digital Product Starter Kit
(usually $97)

Unsure how to get started with creating or selling digital products? Or have no idea what to create/how to start?

Get all the tools and resources you need to go from digital product idea to launch without the overwhelm. 

Inside you will get...

400 digital product ideas organised by niche, difficulty and profit potential - no more getting stuck at the ideas stage!

Product Clarity Workbook - get laser focussed on your product, audience, outcomes and what you should charge for your new product.

A digital product launch road map - a step-by-step launch plan helping you to get your idea out into the world

100 social media prompts to help you promote your product without feeling salesy or sleazy

21 product mockup templates to help you showcase your amazing product professionally 

  63 product time saving promotional templates for Instagram and Pinterest 

Tripwire in a Day (usually $97)

Learn how to create a magical set-and-forget offer to display on your thank you page when someone joins your email list.

You will be growing and monetising your email list simultaneously as well as setting the expectations that you offer paid products - and they are AWESOME!

Tripwires don't have to be time consuming to create. In fact it's likely you will be able to repurpose something you've already got such as a blog post, spreadsheet or video. 

Let me show you how you can get repurposing your content and create an irresistible tripwire offer in a single day and start earning money straight away!

Lessons are available in both text and video format for all types of learners and there are tech walkthrough videos showing you a variety of tools you can use. 

SEO for Affiliate Success ebook
(usually $45)

One of the best & easiest ways to earn passive income is to create affiliate optimised blog posts that get found via search engines. 

Creating lead magnets and affiliate funnels is great but they won't work unless you have a way to reach your ideal customers in the first place!

Ads are expensive and social media is time consuming and so the absolute best way you can grow your audience passively is to use SEO strategies. 

You need to be found by people actively searching for your topics. Then you can wow them with a valuable blog post so that when they discover your lead magnet, they can't wait to join your newsletter!

Learn strategies to find and rank for lucrative keywords helping you to explode your traffic & earn more money both from your website and your email list.

Fearless Funnels (usually $297)

The cycle of launching, re-launching and creating new products gets exhausting. You worked hard creating your product - it's time it worked hard for you too. 

 You've done the difficult part. You've launched the thing. Don't let that work go to waste and your product sit gathering dust until Black Friday swings around again. 

Instead let's repurpose those sales emails and get your evergreen set & forget sales funnel working double time for you. 

It's time to set your sales on autopilot so you can finish work early on a Friday, book that trip away and stop worrying about what product or service you can offer next just to pay your bills this month...

This course will teach you not only the strategy behind a successful evergreen funnel but also the tech that will help you put what you learn into action with zero overwhelm...

The Passive Income Black Friday Bundle includes all the resources you need for scaling your business with passive income in 2024
Why should I bother with passive income?

Sure you could continue hustling in the instagram DM's. You could continue cold pitching brands. You could continue creating new products and services to offer.

But if you want work life balance you need some passive income streams in the mix too. 

Think of it as your safety net. Passive Income systems work in the background quietly ensuring your mortgage is paid for every month, regardless of whether you're at your desk or not.

Who should get this bundle of passive income courses?

This could be right for you if...

You are an online business owner, course creator or service provider who wants to diversify your income streams and stabilise your business 

You've got your website set up, you're getting website visitors, you may even have a product or two. But you know there are some jigsaw pieces missing and stopping you from taking home the pay cheque you know you deserve. 

You’re fed up of reading about the same old strategies that just aren’t working for you. You need some fresh ideas and inspiration. You’ve taken passive income courses before but were frustrated that they didn’t even go beyond the basics.

Why should you trust me to teach you about passive income?!

When I first started my online business I was a stressed out family doctor working crazy hours and looking for a way off the hamster wheel. 

I didn't have time to hustle for subscribers on Instagram. I didn't have the time to send cold pitches to brands. I didn't have time to do anything that wasn't an absolute necessity to grow my business in the long term. 

So I started focussing on passive income knowing that chipping away at affiliate marketing, then email marketing and selling digital products would help my business grow into something more sustainable - with no need for my doctor salary safety net! 

Getting laser focussed on passive income allowed me firstly to earn $6k a month with a low traffic travel blog. It then helped me to scale my B2B business to 6 figures in 2 years.

It allowed me to ditch my day job and carve out a career I loved. 

So whilst you shouldn't look to me for help with Instagram or pitching your services (I skipped those parts, you should look to me for help automating your business and generating passive income. 

As a creative neuro-diverse thinker, I'm not afraid to try new things, test them out and teach you how to apply the most profitable strategies to your business and I can't wait to help you build a business that supports your work: life balance. At last.

See what my students are saying...
Gipsy Malan
Digital Product Starter Kit 

"The templates are great! I love the mockups! I would have loved these starting out, instead I had to battle trying to figure it out on my own."

Larch Gauld
SEO for Affiliate Success

After reading ‘SEO for Affiliate Marketing Success’ I look at SEO in a different way. This ebook is no-nonsense, thorough advice, easy to read and easy to apply! "

Laura Robinson
Affiliate Marketing Superstars

"I have lots of experience with affiliate marketing with a previous job but needed something that would bring me up to date - I've come up with so many ideas while binge watching this."

Greta Omoboni
Affiliate Marketing Superstars

"This course is an incredible resource no matter where you are in your blogging journey. It starts right at the beginning for those who are completely new to affiliate marketing, and then goes on to more advanced strategies. Even if you’re already making a decent income from affiliate marketing there is loads of detail on advanced strategies like open-close cart sales, email marketing and sales funnels that, personally, I’d never really thought much of before. I’ve taken other affiliate courses before but was disappointed by how basic they were. Leanne’s course goes into a lot more detail and looks at a lot more advanced techniques that have helped me redefine my affiliate strategy! I can highly recommend it to anyone looking to step up their affiliate marketing game"

Kerstin Cable
Fearless Funnels

"Fearless Funnels is such a good course for online marketers who want their work to get seen by more people! Leanne covers the full strategy from getting new people into your world, all the way to setting up how you make an offer and what happens afterwards. I've long been messing around with funnels, but it felt very complex for little reward. I didn't trust that the countdown times were right or truly understand what triggered them etc. I just always had a nagging feeling that I wasn't grasping the full tech. With Leanne's clear tagging strategy, this is the first time I'm feeling confident I won't accidentally send people an avalanche of emails where the countdown timers are wrong. It's going to help me make good use of the tools I'm already paying for. The Convertkit template is amazing - I can just fill in my content and hit start!!   I ADORED the workbook in Fearless Funnels because it made everything so easy to work out and keep in one place. This course isn't full of bombastic promises and intimidating waffle. Instead, Leanne gets to the point and shares the real tried-and-tested strategies, straight to the point!"

Becki Rendell
SEO for Affiliate Success

"I’m only just starting to monetise my blog. It’s difficult to know where to start and frankly, most of what I’d read before was full of waffle or jargon that didn’t make any sense. Leanne’s eBook ‘SEO For Affiliate Success’ is clear and concise in easy-to-digest chapters which tells you EXACTLY what you need to know without the fluff. I can’t wait to start implementing her amazing advice on making money through SEO & affiliate marketing. It really does feel achievable now. She also debunked some myths that I once thought too. It’s so reassuring to read that even as a new blogger without huge traffic, I could make a decent income from this method. I’ve wasted hours trawling the internet for this type of valuable information, I’m gutted I didn’t know about this eBook sooner. I know precisely where I should be putting my efforts now to earn the most out of my blog’s traffic. Thank you so much, Leanne."

Aisha Preece

"I particularly like this course because it touches on more advanced concepts like open cart sales but also it explores Pinterest and Instagram affiliate marketing, which not many courses do. My favourite part of the course is the affiliate article templates, which are GOLD. She shares exact article templates for 5 different types of affiliate articles you can write. So valuable."

Sharon Goodwin
Affiliate Marketing Superstars

"Leanne always gives more than you expect and this translates to the Affiliate Marketing Superstars course too. I'm gaining invaluable knowledge on the affiliate process as well as learning new skills. I've implemented a couple of strategies for the first time this month and so far have made 36 affiliate sales. The course has been updated a couple of times since it's launch so I know the information is up to date and relevant. Leanne is authentic and transparent. I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone wanting to learn more about affiliate marketing and increasing their income."

Iva Ursano

This training really helped me a lot I've purchased mini tripwire courses before, read free eBooks, signed up for other webinars BUT this one was the best!!! I feel confident now moving forward in creating my tripwire and making it actually work!!!

Jen Rigley
Tripwire in a Day 

"The Tripwire in a Day training was very thorough. By going through this training I was able to finalize my tripwire product, create a tripwire page (including a countdown timer), and connect it all together with my ESP and payment system. Leanne covers everything you need to know, and does it in a logical, practical manner so you can easily follow along. I feel much more confident now that I will be able to continue to create tripwires, and also get more sales for this product."

Mary Charleson
Affiliate Marketing Superstars 

"Valuable comprehensive content presented in an easy to follow format to learn the nuances of affiliate marketing. There are others with materials not nearly as good who charge WAY more. Leanne is the real deal. She knows her stuff, and has earned the right to call herself an expert in affiliate marketing."

Roshni Patel 
Affiliate Marketing  Superstars

"A great course for beginners and experienced affiliates alike. Leanne’s course reminded me that not all traffic is equal, and by focusing on the right kind of posts and thinking with buying intent in mind, you can easily multiply your passive income. I’ve had great results in just a few months and now feel like I have a strategy in place instead of randomly adding affiliate links to posts (and getting nowhere!). Can't wait to see how much passive income I can make next year!

Regular price of all products included = $1530
Yours today for $697 (saving you 55%)
You've got questions, I've got answers...
  • Are these courses suitable to online business owners who are beginner or advanced?
    These courses are designed for people who have an established website or business but who may or may not be beginner to the idea of affiliate marketing/email marketing/funnels/selling digital products

    Both Affiliate Marketing Superstars and Email Marketing Superstars are complete solutions - courses that cover from the absolute basics right up to the more advanced next level strategies designed for people ready to scale.

    Tripwire in a day and Fearless Funnels are for more established digital product owners who already have products to sell. However if you're not there yet, the digital product starter kit will help you get there! Then you can move onto those courses when you feel ready.
  • What format are the lessons in?
    All courses contain both text and video lessons. I have a few additional videos planned for AMS coming soon too.
    There are also workbooks, printables, canva templates and Airtable spreadsheets in many of the resources.
  • What makes your courses special?
    I am someone who lives and breathes passive income strategy. That coupled with my neuro-diverse creative brain means that I am always brainstorming and testing new strategies. If they get results, they get included in my courses so it's likely you'll find many strategies and ideas not taught elsewhere.

    I am also a sucker for overdelivering. So I am constantly adding and improving my courses and making sure they are not only up to date but also the best and most comprehensive courses available!
  • Do you offer refunds?
    yes, if you get inside sample the courses but do not think they will help you then please contact within 7 days and we can organise you a refund.
  • Do you have an affiliate program?
    Yes, you can earn 30% with a 6 month cookie. There will be a link to join inside each course
Learn everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, growing and monetising an email list and selling digital products on autopilot....
Ready to have your most lucrative year EVER in 2024?! 

Let's do this! 

 Add my other brand new toolkit for half price


Add this toolkit for making more money by contributing to bundles for just $97 (usually $197) and turn list growth collabs into a lucrative income stream!

After contributing to over 14 bundles, I've had some successes....and flops! But having tweaked my strategies over the year, I managed to earn almost $10K by contributing to just one bundle recently! Watch the debrief plus get access to other tools and templates to have similar results with your next bundle collab! 

Inside you'll get...

The almost-$10K bundle debrief

The 'Be a better bundle affiliate' training

3 part email framework for bundle promos

 Bundle trackers and planner

Find a bundle collab guide 

Choose your contribution wisely strategy guide

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