Newsflash: Pop ups aren’t JUST for list growth.
Using pop ups can improve your customer journey & make you passive income in the process.

I see you, online business friend. Working hard on all the things, trying to be in all the places to grow your business faster. It's exhausting, right?!

Automating your business with strategic pop ups could be a game changer for you. 

Pop ups take a just a few minutes to set up but can help you to 

  • share special offers
  • promote lead magnets
  • promote affiliate offers
  • gather testimonials 
  • recruit affiliates
  • conduct original research 
  • boost student engagement
  • start conversations with your audience 

The ROI of a well-timed pop up can be HUGE. 

I'm talking, more product/service sales, more affiliate commissions, more repeat customers...  

Yet not all online business owners realise the full potential of pop ups. They might use them for growing their email list, maybe promoting a flash sale. 

Sound familiar? If so, you are leaving a lot of cash on the table... 

Instead, let me help you to discover clever ways to utilise the full power of pop ups to bring more happy customers and more income into your business. 

Discover creative ways to unleash your full pop up potential, delving way beyond basic pop up strategy & helping you to grow your business, your fan club & your bank balance

Why should I bother with
pop ups?

Trying to get your readers, subscribers and students to take action can feel like an uphill battle, right? 

People are busy. They skim read. 

This means they often miss your take home message, your free offer, your time-sensitive discount, your affiliate links...

But pop ups are eye-catching. And you can time them perfectly for maximum engagement. 

This makes pop ups a brilliant way of communicating and getting your people to take action = more subscribers, more customers, more testimonials, more affiliates, more students getting results from your courses...

Just take a look at some of my own results here for starters...

Pop ups are more than just leading people to your lead magnet. In this course, we’re diving deep into 40+ unique strategies for how to use popups in your online business to increase product sales, affiliate conversions & boost audience engagement.
And did I mention that each strategy takes just 10 minutes to action!

Imagine if pop ups were not just a way to grow your email list but a way of sprinkling a little magic dust on your customers journey? 

 ️ Imagine if pop ups helped you to start conversations, gather information and nurture your relationship with potential customers? 

Imagine if you could 2X your affiliate revenue or boost online course sales simply by using a well-timed pop up that took just a couple of minutes to create?

Are you using pop ups for affiliate marketing yet? 
I decided to conduct an experiment and tracked the results after adding a couple of strategic pop-ups to 2 affiliate focussed blog posts on my travel website.

They took less than 10 minutes to set up. 

The outcome? It netted me an extra £498 (>$600) in affiliate commissions! 

You'll learn the same strategy I used PLUS 6 other creative affiliate pop-up strategies inside Next Level Pop Ups!
INSIDE You will learn how you can strategically use pop ups to...

You're probably familiar with a simple list growth pop up, right? So let's super size that and learn about a variety of creative ways you can use pop ups to not only grow your list faster but also segment your new subscribers for a more engaged and profitable email list!


Pop ups don't have to be annoying - they can actually be a really helpful form of 2 way communication. Learn how to gather information, relay important take home messages, get students to take action, gather testimonials & recruit affiliates - all using pop up messages


Pop ups can be a brilliant way to sell both your own products and affiliate products. Learn 6 strategies for selling more of your own products on autopilot and 7 strategies for dramatically increasing your affiliate commissions. Hello more passive income! 

Value  $497
Yours today for $297
See what my students are saying...
Kerstin Cable
Language Coach

"Have you been messing around with a few mediocre pop-up experiments and wondered how to get more out of your tools? Yep, me too. This course fixes that problem! It’s a Masterclass of strategic pop-up uses, teaching online business owners and bloggers how to support and grow their audience, help more people and make more sales.  This course is super comprehensive and you’ll learn lots of pop-up strategy secrets no matter which tech tool you use. 

I’m so impressed! I got so many good ideas!"

Michelle Pontvert
Online Business Owner

"I loved thinking about other ways to use pop ups to guide my visitors through my website and curate their customer experience"

Dama Jue
Funnel Strategist

"I pretty much begged Leanne to create this course and then devoured it *as soon as she made it.* Leanne overdelivers (as usual!) LOTS of brilliant ideas and ways to use strategic popups in my business. I've already implemented one tip -popups inside my courses- and folks are loving it"

My own pop up journey...

I resisted pop ups for a really long time. 

Yes I knew the stats. They were effective. But I thought they were also ugly and pretty annoying. No thanks!

But pop ups have come a long way since then. 

One day I was on a website and spotted a little eye catching box that was perfectly on brand. It popped up right at the moment I needed exactly what they offered. I submitted my email address straight away before realising...

Woah, That was a pop up. A pretty pop up. It didn't hinder my user experience - it ENHANCED it. 

I decided to rethink my position on pop ups and try them again. 

You know what happened? People actually emailed me to say they loved them and wanted to know how they could get cute pop ups like that on their site?!

So I did what I do best and started experimenting. 

If pop ups could grow my list and sell my products, what else could pop-ups be used for? 

Turns out they could be used to improve just about every aspect of my business. 

I got more subscribers, more product sales, more affiliate commissions, more testimonials, more affiliates...

And now I'm teaching you what I learned. I want you to be able to grow your business faster by utilising the same creative pop up strategies...

You might want to consider taking this course if...

You are an established online business owner, course creator, blogger or service provider who wants to grow and monetise your business a little faster without spending more hours at your desk. Hello automated pop ups...

You are a course creator who wants to get higher engagement from your students. You want to find a way to help them actually take action, get results and then become raving fans/affiliates helping you reach more students.  

You run a people-focussed business and want to find an effective way of communicating with your audience without being sales sleazy

What you'll learn inside Next Level Pop Ups...
 Pop up basics

Learn how to approach choosing the right tool for you & your budget and understand the types of pop up & when to use them. Take a look at the anatomy of a successful pop up and understand why it works...

Pop ups for list growth

Learn how to both grow and segment your email list using pop ups plus how to appeal to more than one type of reader with the same pop up to maximise list growth...

Pop ups for affiliate marketing

Use pop ups to increase your affiliate commissions & boost your passive income. Learn when to use affiliate pop ups and what sort of links work best plus 7 creative strategies for more affiliate revenue...

Pop ups for sales

Learn how to utilise the power of pop ups to promote flash sales, funnels, purchase decision quizzes and how to 'save the sale' with a pop up when someone casually visits your sales page.

Pop ups for cart checkouts

Learn how to reduce abandoned carts using well-timed pop up notifications on your cart checkout designed to increase your potential customers' purchase confidence and get them whipping out their wallet.

Pop ups for communication

Learn how to use pop ups on your website & course platform to gather data, survey your audience, deliver strong take home messages, get students to take action, leave testimonials and become affiliates!

Total Value $497
Yours today for $297
1. Pop Up Quick Reference Cheat Sheet (VALUE $197)

You'll also get this handy quick reference guide with over 40 types of pop up, organised by category with all the quick access info you need like who to target, who to exclude, where to share it and how to prioritise it alongside your other pop ups. 

 Use this when you are short of time and can't sit through videos or when you just need a refresher. Access it on the go without having to consult the notes you made when going through the course.

2. Pop up mistakes to avoid (value $97)

Pop ups not working for you the way you know they could do? Use this bonus lesson to help you troubleshoot where you are going wrong and make fixes so that you can use pop ups effectively and without annoying your people.

3. A behind-the-scenes look at my own pop ups (value $197)

Want to see how I create the copy for a high converting list generation or money-making pop up? Or how I make the decisions about who to target, where to position or when to time my pop ups? 

 Come behind-the-scenes as I show you the strategy and thinking behind some of my most profitable and helpful pop ups...

4. Pop up set up checklist (value $27)

Avoid making common pop up mistakes by working through this cheat sheet every time you set up a new pop up. 

 You'll be confident knowing that it is going to work smoothly and not interrupt any of your other pop ups!

Value (including bonuses)  $1015
Yours today for $297

You woke up to Paypal notifications that you made more evergreen sales of your products thanks to those pop ups that you set up to deliver a discount coupon to people revisited your sales page more than once..?

You doubled your affiliate revenue from your blog posts by setting a pattern interrupt pop up to show at the exact right moment to get your readers to click through to the product...

You glanced down at your phone notifications to see yet another testimonial submission as a result of that pop up you added to your last course module...

  • Errr, what even ARE pop ups?!
    Pop ups are little notifications that pop up after someone has been on a specific page for a specific amount of time (or when they exit or scroll down by a certain amount.) Because they are eye catching, they can be a very effective way of communicating important messages.

    They are traditionally used to promote lead magnets (freebies) to get someone onto an email list. However there are sooooooo many ways they can be used to grow, nurture and monetise your business.

    This course delves deep into pop up strategy and teaches you how to use non-sleazy, genuinely helpful tactics that your audience will LOVE!
  • Is this course for beginner or advanced online business owners?
    This would best suit established online business owners and bloggers who already understand the basics of blogging, affiliate marketing and email marketing as these skills are not taught inside the course.

    Providing that you have a basic level knowledge of the above skills, you will be able to implement Next Level Pop Ups to start scaling your business!
  • Does it require me to buy a specific pop up tool?
    No you can use any pop up tool however some strategies do require features that not all pop up tools offer.

    In the 1st module, I will talk you through your tech tool options and I cover options to suit all budgets!
  • Will pop ups affect my website traffic?
    Some bloggers who rely on traffic to their website worry that pop ups could be harmful to their site speed or Google rankings. And yes, if you use pop ups that open the second someone lands on your page and that are hard to close and impact your mobile users then YES it could be a problem. However, these issues are easy to avoid when you use pop ups in a constructive, helpful, non spammy way. Google cares about user experience and I'm going to teach you a way to use pop ups that actually improves user experience.

    Some tools are better than others at reducing the impact on site speed. In my experience if you use a decent tool with well-written code and set your pop ups to show after a delay or on site exit, then your site speed will be just fine! Any difference will be negligible and the benefits for list growth, affiliate marketing and promoting your products FAR outweigh any downsides.

    Some people focus ONLY on traffic and monetising with ads and will occasionally advise you to avoid pop ups because they can, in theory, have a small impact on site speed and therefore ad earnings. But the thing is, relying on monetising with ads can be very debilitating for your business. You need hundreds of thousands of views to earn even a small income with ads. If you want to scale your business, you need to be prioritising list growth, affiliate marketing and selling your own products and pop ups are a brilliant way of doing that. Just choose a tool that prioritises site speed and you will be just fine!
  • Will pop ups affect my ad earnings?
    Some people focus ONLY on traffic and monetising with ads and will occasionally advise you to avoid pop ups because they can, in theory, have a small impact on site speed and therefore ad earnings.

    But the thing is, relying on monetising with ads can be very debilitating for your business. You need hundreds of thousands of views to earn even a small income with ads. By all means, monetise your website with ads as well but if you want to scale your business, you need to be prioritising list growth, affiliate marketing and selling your own products.

    Imagine if you were exclusively monetising with ads and your site got hit by a Google update and you lost your traffic overnight?!

    Pop ups are a brilliant way of helping you to diversify your income streams and building a profitable business. Just choose a tool that prioritises site speed and you will be just fine!
  • Aren't pop ups spammy?
    5 years ago, almost all pop ups were ugly and annoying. But nowadays there are tools available that will help you to build helpful, non-annoying, actually beautiful pop ups that are perfectly on brand.

    Some websites still use pop ups in a spammy way. However I am going to teach you strategies that your audience will love.

    I even get people emailing me to ask me how I created such beautiful pop ups.

    So there's no bro-marketing tactics here. I'm all about branded, beautiful pop ups that convey helpful messages at the perfect time to be most impactful for your audience.
  • How long will the course take?
    The course is designed to be consumed in just a few hours. There is 2 hrs 24 minutes of video-based course content plus 1 hour 9 minutes of bonus videos (behind the scenes tours and troubleshooting tips.)

    Therefore you don't need to put aside days or weeks to work on this - an afternoon would be perfect to watch the videos and set up your first few next level pop ups!

    And if a whole afternoon sounds like a luxury you can't afford then there are both text notes and a database with quick access info in for you to skim through and take action straight away - even in your lunch break!
  • How soon will I see results?
    The beauty of pop ups is that it takes only about 10 minutes to set one up and it's active straight away - growing your list, engaging your audience or making you money.

    If you add pop ups to existing blog posts that already get traffic then you are going to be getting eyeballs on your lead magnets, offers and affiliate recommendations straight away.

    Once you have worked through the course, actioning the content is going to be super quick. Setting up pop ups only takes 5-10 minutes - especially with my handy quick reference guide!
  • Do I get lifetime access to this course?
    Yes - you will get lifetime access to this course
  • How is this different from any course about pop ups?
    As far as I am aware, no one else is teaching pop up strategy.

    Yes, there are courses teaching the tech side of various pop up tools but they don't delve deep into the full range of ways you can use pop ups to grow, nurture and monetise your business.

    Many of my strategies I dreamed up myself, tested out and got results. And they are strategies I haven't seen anyone else using anywhere else, let alone teaching!
  • Do you offer refunds?
    If you get inside, have a look around and realise this course is not for you, I do offer refunds within 7 days as long as you have not consumed more than 50% of the lessons.
  • Do you have an affiliate program?
    Yes, you can earn 30% commissions by recommending this course tyo your friends an/or audience! There will be a link to join inside Next Level Pop Ups so you can get started straight away and earn back your investment asap!
Ready to grow your audience faster, make more sales and keep your customers engaged and coming back for more...?! 

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